• Contrary to regular western comics Mangas are made for all genres. In Japan,people of all ages read Manga contrary to Comics which are more or less restricted to kids and may be fan guys(nerds?)
  • One Piece,which is most popular manga in Japan was supposed to run for maximum 5 years. But Oda(Author of OP) continued it till date(16 years) and it’s still going on without any sign of stopping.
  • Kishimoto(Author of Naruto), when he was developing the original Naruto Manga, initially had not intended to create Sasuke! After speaking with his editor about the future of the series, he was advised to create a rival character for the main character of the series, which resulted in Sasuke’s creation.

These facts are not exactly about manga,but Japanese culture related to manga.

  • In Japan its common that after someone does not want to keep a manga volume anymore,they leave it somewhere such as a table,or just a bench for someone to pick it up. That’s just awesome.
  • Japan has manga kissa(Manga Cafe). At a manga kissa, people drink coffee, read manga and sometimes stay overnight.What an awesome way to spend time :).

There are many more, I will keep on adding when feels like :).